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 9/16/21   TRUE FREEDOM “Personal freedom.”   What exactly does that mean?   Given some of the current national inconsistencies (e.g., acceptance of decades-long mandates requiring multiple vaccinations to attend school, yet defiance against current vaccine directives), perhaps there’s room for interpretation that can actually facilitate collaboration and wellbeing rather than further division, infection and death…   A little over a week ago on the 20 th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Former President George W. Bush recalled that horrific day “of trial and grief” and spoke of seeing millions of Americans “instinctively grab for a neighbor’s hand and rally to the cause of one another… At a time when religious bigotry might have flowed freely,” he saw us “reject prejudice and embrace people of Muslim faith... At a time when nativism could have stirred hatred and violence against people perceived as outsiders,” Bush saw Americans reaffirm our welcome to immigrants

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